No Parking!

With ChargeGrid FLARE placed on kerbsides, pavements and parking bays, you can charge where you park and not be required to park only where the charger is

Fragile – Handle with Care!

With installations on streets, ChargeGrid FLARE has been designed for theft and vandal-proof. Considering the BIS standards for the lamp post, ChargeGrid FLARE has been built for abuse with rugged construction

Demount complete pole for maintenance?

With detachable charger module, ChargeGrid FALRE can be easily uninstalled, repaired & reinstalled as and when required without the hassle of demounting the complete lamp post

What are my options?

ChargeGrid FLARE is available in either Type 1 IEC 60309 socket or Type 2 Mennekes socket enabling charging for everyone and all types of electric vehicles